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Andrew Cussons
30 Rosewood Crescent
North Yorkshire, HG1 4NL
United Kingdom
  07801 612889
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I love being a business coach ! For me it’s a real privilege and a responsibility to be invited by a Business Owners or Executives to coach and support them. I get an immense sense of satisfaction helping people find a new passion for their business and in teaching them new strategies and the skills they need to be great leaders with fantastic teams all sharing the same vision.

Nothing stands still and, like the seasons, businesses and the environment is constantly changing. I help you identify which season your business is in, and what actions you need to take as a result. You may need to prepare a new 12 month plan, revisit your long term strategy and your marketing plan.

I use my skills, vast experience and zeal to help you create permanent Summer for your business by illuminating the areas that need work. I hold up a mirror to you, so you can truly see how you and your business are performing, and what needs to change to take it to the next level.

Reading this may mean you are looking for some sort of help.  If you have read about my experience on the home page, you will realise that we can draw on that knowledge and start to improve all areas of your Business and you will inevitably go through some personal development in the process.

Come rain or shine…… I’ve got business coaching covered.

Phone or email me now for your free consultation.  You have nothing to lose but an hour of your time, take the first step towards greater success.


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